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When is it Time to Organize?

For most folks, it’s time to organize when things have built up to a point that you can’t stand it anymore. Sound familiar? Unless – and until – you learn how to move through time and space in an organized … Continue reading

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Effective Email Organizing Strategies – Part 2

To stay current with emails, it’s really important to build time into your schedule for organizing them on a regular basis. Ideally, you’ll want to organize your emails daily. Continuing from last month’s post, here are more steps for effective … Continue reading

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Five Ways to Enjoy Getting More Organized

For a lot of people, decluttering and organizing are dreadful experiences to be avoided at all costs! Here are some ideas for increasing your enjoyment of the process: 1.         Take some pictures! Photograph items you’re ready to let go of, … Continue reading

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Why I Started this Organizing Business

A few years ago I helped my sister, Linda, paint her kitchen. We did what you do when you paint – pulled everything out of the cupboards and drawers and put the contents into the next room. We cleaned and covered and … Continue reading

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