At the moment I’m not conducting workshops as I’m too busy running 123 Clean Car Wash and refurbishing a home in Penn Hills.

In the past I’ve conducted workshops based on my book (Volume II is coming soon! 🙂 ) and will be retitled Organized in 5 Simple Ways.

I’m also writing Communicating in 5 Simple Ways. As a former Police Trainer of Non-Violent Communication I’ve conducted a variety of workshops (for law enforcement and many many others) on Nonviolent/Compassionate Communication – based on Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s work (www.cnvc.org). I teach Rosenberg’s “language of the heart” which encourages a common sense method of connecting with others using feelings and needs, and creating mutually beneficial strategies rather than using aggressive defense-oriented tactics.

Reach me by phone or text at 412.996.0111 or @ joyce at joycewilde.com