Five Ways to Enjoy Getting More Organized

For a lot of people, decluttering and organizing are dreadful experiences to be avoided at all costs!

Here are some ideas for increasing your enjoyment of the process:

1.         Take some pictures!

Photograph items you’re ready to let go of, yet want to remember – like your kids’ or grandkids’ many projects. If you’re computer literate, store them electronically. If you’re
not computer savvy, you may wish to create a memorabilia photo album.

 2.         Make a lunch date!

Set up a time to meet with your kids or grandkids and reminisce. Pass family heirlooms and other items onto them; write down little stories about the items – and celebrate the time you’ve spent together over the years.

3.         Break your china!

If you no longer invite six or more guests over for dinner, yet love your china, consider doing the unthinkable ! and break your china set down to the amount you actually currently use (with some extras). Donate, give away, or sell the remainder. Someone will be thrilled to have them.

4.         Get help from a friend or family member

Before I started my organizing business, I helped my sister and mother organize their homes. We had fun in the process and learned a lot at the same time. It started out with me helping my sister paint her kitchen. Painting is a good time to reduce clutter, clean, and get more organized.

 5.         Hire a pro

If you don’t have a friend or family member who is naturally organized (organizing is actually soothing for me), it may be time to hire a professional organizer. Find one who suits your personality: check out their website, give them a call, and make sure it feels right for you. Trust your intuition.

If you have ideas to share on ways to enjoy getting more organized, please email me, I’d love to hear from you!

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