Do you feel like your physical surroundings are symbolic of your way of moving through the world? If so, I think you’re right! Change your habits and change your life.

How? Read my book, and learn five ways to get and stay organized:

1. Simplify – Let go, and be discerning with what is acquired.  

2. Categorize – Learn to create and use categories (you don’t have to be precisely organized).  

3. Work from general-to-specific – To keep on track; otherwise you may get overwhelmed.  

4. Be proactive – Make updates as life changes, and keep closest what you use most often. 

5. Create visual and verbal reminders – To decrease stress, and minimize forgetfulness.

If you’re cluttered, unfocused, running late, and can’t find what you need when you need it (maddening!), and if you lose energy at the very thought of trying to get organized – because you invest time and money, and things never seem to change – then read my book. If, after reading it you would like some assistance, please contact me. Sessions online (Coaching), and in-person.

Reach me by phone or text at 412.612.3697