Organizing       Coaching

I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and am a life coach, consultant, workshop leader, speaker, and author of the book The Wilde Woman’s Guide to Organizing in Five Simple Steps: Using Mindfulness to Change Your Habits

I’m currently working on my next book: The Wilde Woman’s Guide to Communicating in Five Simple Steps: Keepin’ it Real – and Kind

I have a Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology from California Lutheran University, and am a Certified Mindfulness Facilitator with the Engaged Mindfulness Institute.

Life Coaching:

Online or in-person (face-to-face) is preferred to phone call (as non-verbals make up much of communication); my fee is $200 for 90-minute sessions. In-person 4-hour coaching/hands-on organizing sessions are $500. It’s suggested and really helpful (but not necessary) to read my book before an organizing session. 

Reach me by phone or text 412.612.3697. Thank you.