Organizing the Entrance to Your Home – Part II

Continuing from last month’s blog post, organize dedicated places for your:

2. Cell phone and docking station

Apparently it’s not a good idea to have these in the bedroom, as there are some worrisome studies linking cell phones with e-smog and health concerns. Wise to err on the safe side and not have them where you sleep – if possible.

3. Chair or bench

For convenience – to sit while donning and removing footwear.

4. Shoes, boots and flip flops

Make bins and or racks for easy access to frequently used footwear.

5. Coats, sweaters and scarves

Create racks to hang up “outerwear”  – for both family and visitors.

6. Hats

If you wear hats, create a space for your favorites, and other places in your home for others.

7. Gloves

Perhaps less important and certainly season dependent, give some thought to organizing the placement of “hand wear.”

8. Purse and/or briefcase

Your purse should not sit on the floor (East Indian Feng Shui indicates that if you put it on the floor, the money will run out. I figure – err on the side of caution – and cleanliness).  🙂

Pay attention and give some thought to what you need and most frequently use, and think about organizing it in a way it would serve you best. Consider things like the most effective placement of ID badges, and items you need handy for medical reasons and/or child care. 

If you can’t find something on a regular basis and use it often, make sure and create a dedicated place for it. For example, if you carry food and beverages with you, create one place for your insulated bag, water bottle and thermos.

If you like items visible, create areas with that in mind. If you prefer your items concealed, design the spaces with items placed behind doors, in drawers, and out of view. And if you’re organizing and realize that things just aren’t working any longer, it may be time to do a bit of remodeling to create spaces for new areas and receptacles for frequently used items.

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