Organizing the Entrance to Your Home – Part I

When you decide to take time and organize your home, consider this: For areas to feel really good, the energy needs to be able to flow.

Although I don’t have an in-depth knowledge of Feng Shui, I basically understand the concept and it resonates with me from a common sense organizing perspective – energy and flow. In this spirit, pay attention to how things are laid out in the various areas and rooms of your home.

Start with the area in front of your house – before you even walk in the door. Make sure it’s clean, open and inviting. Then, if you have a porch, declutter and make sure it’s welcoming. This is the first thing visitors see, and needs to communicate receptivity.

When you come inside, see to it that the hallway is clear. The energy needs to be able to flow in and out of all areas with ease. Once this is done, organize the belongings you use often and have them at the ready. Place them where you’ll benefit the most.

If you don’t have a front hallway area – or if that isn’t quite the right place – be sure and dedicate somewhere for your:

1. Keys

It’s very important to have one place established for them somewhere in your home.

Recently I found a missing set of keys in a client’s fridge. This reminded me that once upon a time I knew someone who kept his keys in the fridge. He knew for sure he would find them there, because he often took food back and forth to work. It was a good idea and worked well for him.

This is probably not a good idea any longer as it can cause problems with the technology that is built into most car keys these days. The hallway area is a good option instead of the refrigerator.

More on the subject of Organizing the Entrance to Your Home next time. 

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