Benefits to Organizing

Many people struggle with organizing. It’s useful to be reminded of the benefits

You can get more focused, and have increased order, simplicity, and ease. And…

Organizing Will Help You Save Money:

  • by finding money, gift cards, stamps, and coupons.
  • by finding items that can be reused like wrapping paper, envelopes, and boxes.
  • by finding items that may be “re-gifted” in the future.
  • by knowing where items are located, rather than having to replace them. 
  • by being on time paying bills, sending for rebates, or returning videos via mail.
  • by returning items to the library on time.
  • by returning videos to Redbox on time.

            AND – you can make money by selling your items!

Organizing Will Help You Save Energy:

  • by experiencing less frustration — due to a sense of control.
  • by feeling happier and more satisfied with your surroundings.
  • by not using your time to find things – especially when you’re busy.
  • by eliminating embarrassment when people come to visit and you need to hurry to put things in order, and clean.

Organizing Can Be Fun:

  • finding things to use and appreciate again (decorations, photos, jewelry, and mementos).
  • creating a system of organization that allows you to find things easily.
  • keeping family members and friends abreast of your progress and benefits.
  • freeing up your energy to do new things!

Obviously there are some downsides to organizing: 

It takes time – although spending time can save you time. It may feel tedious and taxing — especially if you’ve never learned how to do it effectively.

Organizing takes an effort. I’m abnormal because I find it soothing.  : )  Plus it’s “natural” for me because it’s how I’ve taught myself to move through time and space.

It’s sometimes helpful to have a person — like a professional organizer — who is objective and “neutral” to your items, assist you in making decisions. This takes some of the pain and pressure out of organizing. 

I’ll be blogging every other Friday now. On June 14th I’ll tell you why I’m making this change. See you then!!

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