Organizing for Safety – Part 6

Continuing from last week; more ideas about organizing for driving safety…

Here is a list of items to make sure you have in your car: In addition to insurance and registration information, consider having… 

Water, blanket, quarters, a first aid kit, cloth towel, paper towels, handy wipes, nutrition bars, bottle opener, jumper cables, flat tire fix-it spray, flares, matches, umbrella or
raincoat, road service repair card (usually in wallet), paper and pens, sticky notes, and …

Flashlight – to include a radio, flashing light and alarm – if you really want to be prepared.

Spare tire – test it when you get your oil changed to make sure it has enough air.

Tool kit – or at least a swiss army knife type device with scissors, knife and different screwdriver attachments.

Fire extinguisher (please refer to Organizing for Safety – Part 2 for more detailed info).

If you do a LOT of driving, it’s smart to have an extra set of clothes, and/or sweats and comfortable shoes in your trunk. And whether you do a lot of driving or not, a lot of folks find it helpful to have a set of gym clothes and shoes, yoga mat, etc. in the car.

Next time you wash and clean your car, ask yourself what you could remove – to simplify and declutter – and what you ought to add in, to make yourself prepared and safer. 

And when you look in your car and don’t find something you wish you had, write it down on a sticky note and put the note in your wallet. Later, you’ll see the note and it will increase your chances of following through. 

One last safety tip: attach a hide-a-key to your car. Put it somewhere you’ll remember. Use the kind that are glued to the car and attach with velcro. Don’t use the magnetic kind, they can easily get knocked off. 

And a last thought: do something today that makes tomorrow better, and don’t do anything today that makes tomorrow worse.

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