In Transition? Let Go and Breeeeathe

Are you a creative professional, or going through a life transition? Let me help you simplify and focus on what’s important.

Learning to let go is one of the keys.

It can be very uncomfortable and scary to let go–whether it’s with physical belongings, jobs, family, or friends. But let go you must, as things break, wear out, and get old and die. Things fall apart and you have the opportunity to learn about the natural life cycle. It’s not always easy; however, there is always a way.

Sometimes you initiate a transition. Sometimes life initiates the transition for you. All of a sudden you are face-to-face with situations that make you uncomfortable and afraid. Hanging on is the common experience.

If you have been avoiding decision making, life will probably get very difficult for a while; because actively letting go will require you to face things head-on. Are you up for it?

To be proactive:

a.) Be honest about your fears.

b) Identify any negative thoughts.

c.) Think positive. Cultivate confidence.  

d.) Breathe; let your diaphragm expand, then exhale slowly.

e.) Repeat.

Breathing is underrated. It’s one of the most powerful keys to letting go and getting through difficulties. Next time you’re stressed, notice what your breathing is like. Typically you’ll find it’s shallow. In fact, when you really start to pay attention to your breathing, you may notice that you breathe shallow most of the time. We live in a society where people keep busy and are stressed; breathing shallow and fast is the norm.

The remedy? Live mindfully: Slow down, feel the moment, be present and breeeeathe deeply. It won’t cost you anything. In fact, you may find that in slowing down you actually make less mistakes and get more done. Stay in the present. Your inner voice will provide you with the answers you seek as you let go and transition into the next phase.

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