Reorganizing due to Economics and Health

Some folks contacted me regarding the book Adrenal Fatigue, which I wrote about in my last post. Here’s more information:

A lot of people are experiencing challenging transitions due to the economic conditions of recent years. I view a challenge as an opportunity. We are being given lots of opportunities for reorganizing our lives. 

Are you working harder than ever? Money’s tight? And you’re stuck in circumstances that if you had more viable options, you’d choose otherwise? Does this sound familiar? 

For example, that job isn’t making your heart sing (and never will) … You’re living somewhere that, if you had your druthers, you’d change … Stuff like that can wear you out. And on top of it all, you’re watching your savings, 401 K plan and stocks bounce up and down.

Things that cause the adrenals to burn-out are running rampant in modern day society. In addition to being stuck in a challenging job and relationship and stressing over finances, you’re:

– waking up earlier, staying up later, and not getting enough sleep … making poor food choices (processed fast food) – using foods that contain sugar to stimulate yourself … using caffeine containing beverages to stay alert … eating too much chocolate … constantly pushing yourself … being a perfectionist …

Sound familiar? I believe adrenal fatigue is the next big health issue on the horizon…

How this relates to organizing is that it’s important to organize our lives on a variety of levels. We need to organize our food choices and food shopping. We need to organize time in our lives to de-stress with things like yoga, meditation, and walking (or whatever you like).

We need to accept responsibility and make the best of what we have with what we’ve got … It’s our responsibility to bloom, despite bleak conditions.

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