Organizing Your Life – Part 2

Continuing from last week’s post

After the instructor told the students to put the various sizes stones, sand, and water into the mason jars and they set about the task. In not much time at all, there was a lot of noise and laughter as they worked on the organizing assignment. Some of them got a lot of the rocks in their containers, while others ended up with less rocks and more of a mess than anything else.

Finally the teacher stopped them. He walked around the room and looked at the students’ projects. Then he gathered them ’round and showed them the most effective way to get the materials in.

He took one of the big empty mason jars and filled it with the largest rocks first. Then he put the smaller rocks in. Next he poured in some sand. Then he added water. Now the jar was completely full.

The moral of the story: Organizing time by putting the most important tasks first is the the key. To be the most effective in organizing our lives, we first need to identify our big rocks. Do you have a clear understanding of the “big rocks” in your life? Make a list and include the following: work, school, activities, health, etc. 

Then schedule these various items. For example, if caring for your physical health is important, make sure you put aside time for it. If having home cooked meals is important, make sure you’ve created space in your life to carry out those activities.  

What are other things you used to do that are important to you and have gone by the wayside? Painting? Making crafts? Jewelry making? 

Organizing your schedule to include caring for your health, having fun and doing leisure activities is important – or just begin to become more aware of those activities that bring you balance.

See you next week with more on this topic.

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