Organizing Your Life – Part 3

Continuing from last week’s post

Do you remember the Harry Chapin song “Cat’s in the Cradle” from the 1970’s? It was about a man who was always busy working and never had time for his son. The son watched and admired the father and then created the same lifestyle – he never had time for his son.

I mention this song because for most of us,
work is the biggest “rock” (important activity) in our lives. Work can be all consuming. We may be tethered 24/7 to our electronic devices and work while on vacation. It’s important that we think about what constitutes the other big rocks in our lives – and do some organizing to put them in our schedules so that work doesn’t overshadow everything and cause life to tip out of balance.

I am especially aware of this dynamic because as a small business owner and writer, there is always work to do. And in my former life, I was a Type A workaholic. I worked long hours at my job and volunteer efforts and put those activities before my health and wellbeing. I look around me and see many other folks do the same thing.

In recent years I’ve been making an effort with organizing around creating a more deliberate work/play balance. Though I still love working, I’m learning to mix it with taking time to care for my health, develop new skills I enjoy, and also be available to assist family and friends.

Here are a couple items to consider putting – or putting back – in your life:

–  Reading – for learning and leisure.

–  Deliberately enjoying the moment – taking time to marvel at the beauty and wonder of the world… whether this world is in you (meditation is great for that), or around you (children and pets are especially helpful for this one).

See you next week with the conclusion of Organizing A Life.

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