Ten Strategies for Organizing Your Writing Life – Part 1

Writing can be a pleasure; it can also be a pain. For inspiration, I’ve featured Henry Ford quotes in this series of blog posts because…

“When Henry Ford decided to produce his famous V-8 motor, he chose to build an engine with the entire eight cylinders cast in one block, and instructed his engineers to produce a design for the engine. The design was placed on paper, but the engineers agreed, to a man, that it was simply impossible to cast an eight-cylinder engine-block in one piece.

Ford replied, ‘Produce it anyway.’ ” 

Sometimes writing can be really challenging. You can get stuck and frustrated and silently scream, “Can I really do this?” Follow these strategies — each with an inspiring Henry Ford quote — and they will hopefully guide you painlessly through the process.

#1. Take Time to Get Clear 

Don’t rush into writing. It may end up muddled, and waste time. Slow down a little and first get clear and specific on what you want to create. This applies no matter what the project may be, or whether you’re working alone or with others.

There are a variety of strategies you can use to “court clarity.” Take a walk, meditate, practice yoga, or plant a garden. What do you use? If nothing; what could you develop? This strategy is about finding the balance between being and doing. Once you’ve spent some time in “being” mode, dig in:

Think, then DO. Ponder, then act in a focused and clear way.

Henry Ford said, “The way to learn to do things is to do things. The way to learn a trade is to work at it. Success teaches how to succeed. Begin with the determination to succeed, and the work is half done already.”

 I’ll continue with Strategy #2 on my next blog post. See you then!

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