Successful Relationships May End…

IMG_0253How do you define a successful relationship? Is it simply the fact that it is currently standing the test of time? Is it possible that a relationship can end and still be a success? In fact, that’s exactly how my ex-husband and I describe our five years together, as a success.

“What?!” you say! It’s an outrage to play with this concept in this way.

Really? Why not reverse the ways we’ve learned to perceive and process our world? After all, we’ve learned that life leads to heartache, depression and suffering. Why not consider things from a new perspective?

I coach people to reorganize their lives and move through tough transitions. I challenge them to play with the concepts they’ve learned — especially if their way of looking at the world doesn’t serve them well.

So, I ask you: Can you look at a relationship you went through and count the many ways you learned and grew and came out on the other side much better for it, even though it was sometimes very painful and finally ended? I propose that we actually learn more from difficult situations than easy ones. And perhaps no matter how painful, or how it ends, it’s actually a blessing (I realize this is challenging to accept).

The challenges we face teach us about life. It’s easy to be nice and patient and kind when everything is going your way. However, it is when you’re tested that you will need to apply patience, tolerance, and forgiveness.

Acceptance is a tall order; however it’s a most profound experience. When you accept all that happens, you can more readily define all relationships as successful in some way.

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