Organizing for Safety – Part 4

Today’s post is a continuation of organizing to create safety in your life. To create a more safe driving experience, it’s a good idea to review safety tips from time to time – whether you are a new driver or a more experienced one. 

Most of us take for granted the tires and lights on our car are in good shape and in working order. To be safe, before driving take a quick look. Also, make sure windows are clean and visible, and that nothing is in the way of your vision. And make sure your windshield wipers are wiping well and you have plenty of fluid.

If you’re going on a long trip, it’s especially important to review these items, however it’s a good idea to check each time you drive. Statistics show most accidents happen closest to home. 

When you get in the car, make sure all mirrors are set in place for optimal vision. This is especially important if you share the car with other drivers. 

And if you do share the car with other drivers, make sure the driver’s seat and driving wheel are set in the best positions before you begin to drive. Give yourself a few extra minutes to carry out these activities. Trying to adjust the mirrors, etc., while you’re driving can be very distracting. Getting distracted for a second or two causes the majority of accidents.

Think of all the things that can distract you for a just a second or two – fiddling with the radio, talking on a cell phone (dialing, answering), sending and receiving text messages, and more. 

Another cause of accidents is driving in an upset emotional state. Just a moment or two of upset can cause a huge problem. Don’t let other drivers get the best of you. Make an effort to breeeeathe deeply and stay calm.  And be sure to allow yourself enough time to reach your destination. This is really important in creating a safe, calm driving experience.

See you next Friday with more ideas about organizing for safe driving.

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