Organizing for Safety – Part 1

From time-to-time it’s wise to review how you’re organizing to create safety in life. 

On my last blog post I talked about organizing your important papers and placing them in a fire-flood proof safe that is positioned on one of the lower levels of your home or business. As mentioned, at the least, it’s a good idea to have a file cabinet that locks.

The reason this is that family and friends may have access. While we all hope our friends and family are honest, the statistic bear out that unfortunately it is those closest to us who sometimes become dishonest at our expense. This is most often the case when an individual has substance abuse issues, which often aren’t recognized for a variety of reasons. The simplest way to protect yourself and keep the peace in your family is that when organizing, make sure your important papers and possessions are locked up. That way there are no temptations.

Another important safety tip in regard to family members is to have a list of all their doctors, medications, vitamins and supplements – in the event they have a health crisis and cannot speak for themselves. This is especially helpful with elderly family members. If you live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as I do, there is a larger than usual number of elderly folks. When organizing, be aware that as people age there are certain preparations and precautions that are important to take. Among them:

Review heart attack and stroke signs and symptoms, and how to respond in case of an emergency. And make decisions who – in addition to 911 – you would call in case of an emergency.

Also, it’s important to spend some time organizing the environment you’re in and the things you habitually use to make sure they’re safe. The steps pictured above may or may not be safe – depending on who’s using them, when, and for what reasons.

See you next week with more ideas about Organizing for Safety.

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