My name is Joyce B. Wilde.  I help companies and individuals in three ways:

I am a psychologist and writer. I help creative professionals and those in transition.

I am the author of, The Wilde Woman’s Guide to Organizing in Five Simple Steps: Using Mindfulness to Change Your HabitsIt is now available on Amazon.com, and I am in the process of getting it on Kindle and into other outlets. 

I teach how to get and stay physically organized, and also understand the emotional and mental roots that cause disorganization. I typically do a combination of hands-on organizing and consulting in businesses and homes. I also provide coaching support to people as they organize their overall life goals and articulate the vision of who they want to become. Businesses and individuals experience increased order, simplicity, and ease as a result of our work together.

So here’s the question: how may I help you?

I am based in Pittsburgh and work with clients around the country in person, by phone and/or Skype. To discuss your specific needs, let’s have a no-obligation phone call.  In the meantime, you can learn more about each of my services — writing, organizing and coaching – via their specific pages. 

- Joyce B. Wilde, M.S.

You can reach me by phone at 412.996.0111 or via email; joyce at joycewilde.com