I’m a Personal Mindfulness Coach – nontraditional and intuitive. My Master’s degree is in Clinical Psychology, and I’m a Certified Mindfulness Facilitator with the Engaged Mindfulness Institute. Have coached in a variety of settings for over 25 years; am a dedicated listener and educator; work well one-on-one, with a couple, or with a group.

Coaching is a process where you get clear on what you want to create in your life based on your strengths and interests. I’ll help you establish and maintain your life vision. Be warned though :), I’ll challenge you… you’ll learn what’s keeping you from moving forward, and by doing so you’ll increase your ability to focus and follow through.

Reasons to have a personal coach:

  1. For support and guidance
  2. To motivate and inspire you
  3. To remind you to move forward in a positive way
  4. To help you have the energy to make effective changes 
  5. To assist you in sustaining the changes you make 

Reach me by phone/text at 412.996.0111, or via email: joyce at or 1wildejoyce at