In the past I have offered Organizing Mindfully, and Exploring Mindfulness workshops (at the moment I’m taking a break:). 

Organizing Mindfully – Assisting women and men who would like to be organized as a way of living — rather than get temporarily organized. Learn five ways of organizing along with mindfulness exercises. 

Mindfulness Explored – Curious about Mindfulness? Been hearing a lot about it lately?Learn the basics, and explore mindfulness of breath, body and movement. And experience a gong, Tibetan singing bowl, and more..

Organizing will probably fail if it only addresses the symptoms of the disorganization and doesn’t get to the root causes. It’s like mowing the dandelions from your yard; they’ll just grow back. I’ll teach you how to physically organize yourself and understand the emotional and mental roots that cause disorganization.

Reach me by phone/text at 412.996.0111, or via email: joyce at joycewilde.com or 1wildejoyce at gmail.com